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For those of you who didn't see in the Adie Camp community: [26 Jul 2006|02:00am]

[ mood | excited ]

You can preorder Adie's CD here: http://www.familychristian.com/shop/product.asp?prodID=15377

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Adrienne Camp solo album [15 Jul 2006|10:46am]

Just heard about this today ... I'm so glad she's back to recording again, and I'm really looking forward to this solo album!

I have just started a fan community, adie_camp_fans in support of her solo career, if anyone here wants to join.
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[02 Jun 2001|09:52pm]

One Two more links for all of you...



She's got an awesome huge ad there on the front page... yay!
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[02 Jun 2001|07:10pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Just in case any of you haven't heard...

Adie's new website:

Adie's myspace:

Adie, former frontwoman of The Benjamin Gate and also married to husband Jeremy Camp, is back to the music scene with her debut solo album "Don't Wait".

Ultimately, its the couples personal and professional camaraderie, along with Adies expressive voice that makes Dont Wait such a unique and compelling offering. Musically mirrors style of singer/songwriter Butterfly Boucher and the more electronic pop approach of Frou Frou, Dont Wait is a seasoned, more introspective departure from Adies more aggressive rock roots in The Benjamin Gate.

Thematically speaking, Dont Wait is very multi-faceted as it tackles everything from maintaining an eternal perspective on life (Dont Wait), to relying on Godeven in our weakest moments (Sufficient), to a new understanding and appreciation of Gods grace (What Have I Done?).

What Have I Done? is one of my favorite songs on the record, Adie confides. On several of the songs we collaborated with other songwriters, and this one was written by the wife of one of The Benjamin Gate guitarists as a congregational worship song years and years ago (Suzanna Pautz). I even sang it at their wedding, and I knew if I ever did a solo album, I had to do this song. It speaks about Gods amazing gracehow He still loves and cares about us no matter what weve done.

In the process of making the album, Adie says she also felt a new resolve against spiritual complacency and a renewed desire to truly make every day count. Ive been a Christian for a long time, and its easy to get into a comfortable routine, Adie confesses. In Revelation, it speaks about not losing your first love. And I think the Lord has really been challenging me not to just be faithful in taking time for devotions each day but to be a person who really desires to spend time with Jesus and not compromise.

I'm so excited!!! I love Frou Frou, and I love Adrienne's voice even more, so this has to be a good disc. I can't wait!!!

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The countdown... [01 May 2006|11:11pm]

[ mood | excited ]

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IT'S A GIRL!!!!! [10 Apr 2006|11:25pm]

"Here is Arianne Mae.
She was born at 1:44 am on Wednesday.
She weighed 5 lbs 13. 19 inches long.
We'll write the full story soon (cos it's an amazing one).
Lots of love to everyone!
The Camps"


and for all of you who just can't get enough of Isabella......

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The solo album's name... [09 Mar 2006|07:35pm]

[ mood | excited ]

This was posted in The Benjamin Gate's myspace blog, and I figured you guys should also see it:


According to jesusfreakhideout.com the name of the cd is....

Don't Wait.

Here is the album cover...

Looks like she'll be going by Adie. Looks like we only have a few months more to wait.

-tbg myspace crew.

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For those of you who aren't on Myspace... [17 Feb 2006|10:55pm]

[ mood | sick ]

short mrs. camp solo update

from jeremy camp's official tour diary: (half from Febuary 16th other parts from December 26th)

Hello my friends. I'm in the studio recording Adrienne's songs again and wanted to give you guys an update.
We had a amazing trip to South Africa, and it was so nice to be able to see where Adrienne grew up and to meet tons of her friends as well. Oh yeah if you haven't guessed it, that was my first time to
South Africa....We actually worked for about two weeks on Adrienne's album. (back in december) We have six songs recorded already, and looks like we'll finish recording in February. It has very been encouraging to watch her heart pour out to the Lord. I can't believe the album is actually happening. Sweeeet!"

also about her preganancy:

"So, Adrienne is now 8 months pregnant and Isabella (their first child) is getting more and more personality every day."

most of this was in the last blog with a few new bits. looks like the other site was just trying to get fans of adrienne worked up. looks like this solo really will happen. i'm guessing a mid-late summer release...but that's just me

God bless
- tbg myspace crew.

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[05 Feb 2006|03:36pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Last night I went a little crazy with making icons from screenshots of the "Lift Me Up" video! I hope you enjoy these. Please let me know if you take any, and credit me if you do. ^_^

1. 2.

7 moreCollapse )

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CUTE! [12 Dec 2005|07:23pm]

I don't know how many of you have already seen this, but I hadn't seen it before just now, so... I'm posting a link here just in case you haven't:


I'm wondering what magazine this is out of. Does anyone know?

x-posted to jeremycampfans
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!!!!!!!! [09 Dec 2005|02:51pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I just found this in The Benjamin Gate's myspace blog.... OMG!

"seems like miss adie is putting forth the effort to a solo album. i've seen promo shots and they are amazing...heres the link...


jeremy camp (her husband) said it will be out next year (for sure) and title is said to be "Silver Lining" but that may be incorrect. the source isn't for sure what she heard.

thats all i can find..

oh yeah. i put up all over me...i figured that members of the band have been to the profile and haven't said anything about the songs. so untill something is said. they will stay up."

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[25 Nov 2005|11:03pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Some of you might be interested in seeing this.... :D!

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[27 Sep 2005|01:06am]

Interview with Jeremy and Adrienne

I also heard a rumour that Adrienne may be recording a solo album of her own, to come out sometime in the spring... any word on whether that's true or not? I'd be thrilled for it to be true, but I don't want to get my hopes up if it's not...
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[12 Jul 2005|02:38am]



Even though you won't see this, I hope your day is wonderful, and I miss you! :)
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[18 May 2005|06:48pm]

I found these photos of Adie on Jeremy's website last nightCollapse )
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hey!! [17 Mar 2005|03:06pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey, I wanted to introduce myself to all you guys. I am an intern at Sparrow/Forefront/Gotee Record Companies. We represent artists like: Bethany Dillon, Shawn McDonald, Starfield, Sanctus Real, Something Like Silas, Switchfoot, TobyMac, Tait, Steven Curtis Chapman, ZOEgirl, Jump5, etc. Specifically I work on street teams and Christian music festivals during the summer. I am a senior in college, and I am an absolute music freak. I love concerts and music more than anything. I've sent a few Bethany Dillon, Shawn McDonald and Sanctus Real newsletters, so if you're on those lists, perhaps you've heard from me. Basically the reason our department exists is to help you hard core fans get the inside scoop, and to help spread the word about your favorite artists. So, I just wanted to introduce myself. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you.


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:) [18 Feb 2005|11:22pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey all, I'm new!

I heard about Benjamin gate, because my mom got me a christian rock cd for christmas by accident. I heard "all over me" and i was in awe of the lead singers voice. Since then I've been hooked. I do get a lot of weird comments about liking them. Since I am not christian, and I chose not to believe in god. However, the music is simply some of the best I've heard (i'm super picky) anyway, they rock.


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[10 Feb 2005|10:42pm]

[ mood | skeptical ]

I was just on letssingit.com, and I came across lyrics to a song that says it's by TBG... but I have NEVER heard of it before. Click here to see what I'm talking about. Can anyone tell me what this is about?

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[07 Jan 2005|09:22pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I just made a bunch of colourbars!
• 4 Benjamin Gate
• 1 Adrienne
• 1 Jeremy and Adie

Enjoy!Collapse )

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[07 Jan 2005|12:25pm]

[ mood | okay ]

For those of you who might be LJers and yahoo! group participants, I have created an rss feed of The Benjamin Gate's yahoo! group, tbg_yahoogroup. Add it to your friends list, and you'll see any updates anyone makes on the yahoo group, here on your friends list. Enjoy! :)

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